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Toluene Diisocyanate

CAS ID #: 26471-62-5, 584-84-9, 584-84-9

Affected Organ Systems: None

Cancer Classification: None

Chemical Classification: None

Summary: Toluene diisocyanate exists in two isomeric forms (2,4-toluene diisocyanate and 2,6-toluene diisocyanate) which have similar properties and effects. Toluene diisocyanate is produced commercially as an 80:20 (2,4-toluene diisocyanate:2,6-toluene diisocyanate) mixture of the two isomers. At room temperature, the mixture is a clear, pale yellow liquid with a sharp, pungent odor. It should be stored under refrigeration, away from light and moisture in a tightly closed container under an inert atmosphere. Toluene diisocyanate is insoluble in water and miscible with most common organic solvents.

Emergency Responders 

Emergency Responders
  • Medical Management Guidelines (MMG) for Acute Chemical Exposure

    Publication intended to aid emergency department physicians and other emergency healthcare professionals who manage acute exposures resulting from chemical incidents.

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