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Step 1.2 Gathering Health Concerns and Other Information

bullet Information Presentation Exercise

Read the following paragraph about pathway determination. Then fill in the boxes in the site data table with the appropriate item from the list above the table.

Pathway determination. The Oak Estates site was built on a closed landfill. The landfill may be producing gases that are moving from the landfill into the air. People living in Oak Estates report that they smell a foul odor in their neighborhood. Air samples were collected, and analysis detected some chemicals, but none that cause odors. The landfill may not be the cause of the odor, but the air that people in Oak Estates are breathing does contain some substance that causes the odor.

Activity. Left-click on an item in the list below and drag and drop it into the appropriately labeled pathway element box of the site data table.



Site Data Table

Source of contamination

Environmental medium (air, soil, or food)

Point of exposure

Route of exposure (such as breathing or touching)

Exposed population


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