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Based on the information provided, ATSDR concludes the following.

  1. PAHs were not detected in the surface soils on site at levels that pose an acute (short-term) health threat.
  2. The creosote contamination detected in subsurface soil does not pose an immediate health threat unless the material is brought to the surface. If this should occur, the contaminated soils pose an acute health threat.
  3. Some residential properties contained PAHs in surface soils at levels that represent a potential long-term health concern. However, sampling is limited to only one surface soil sample per property, and additional sampling will be required to assess the public health threat.



  1. Collect additional surface soil samples in the residential yards. Ensure that sampling includes composite samples, as well as some discrete samples in areas of suspected contamination (e.g. adjacent to former lagoons or canals).
  2. Inform residents not to dig into areas of creosote contamination. If creosote contamination is unearthed, avoid contact with the skin.


    Timothy Walker, MS
Environmental Health Specialist

  Concurred: Kenneth G. Orloff, PhD, DABT
Senior Toxicologist


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[3] EPA Memorandum From Raj Singhvi to Nick Magriples, OSC, September 9, 1997.

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[6] Verbal comments received by EPA Region II during a site visit by ATSDR on December 19, 1997.

[7] ATSDR Toxicological Profile for Creosote, TP-90-09, December 1990.

[8] EPA Provisional Guidance for Quantitative Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, 1993.

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