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Soil Sampling Review

CERCLIS NO. CT0001910694

March 27, 1998

Prepared by

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Under Cooperative Agreement with
The Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

The conclusions and recommendations in this Health Consultation are based on the data andinformation available to the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) and theAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). The CT DPH and ATSDR willincorporate additional information if it becomes available. The incorporation of additional datacould require changes in the conclusion and recommendation presented in this document.


On December 4, 1997, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requested that theConnecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) and the Agency for Toxic Substances andDisease Registry (ATSDR) review the chemical contaminant data from soil samples collectedoutside the main building at the Landmark Farm and Garden Center site in North Haven,Connecticut [1]. The samples were analyzed for pesticide contaminants. The purpose of thishealth consultation is to determine whether the concentrations of pesticides in the surface soilsamples present a public health hazard to trespassers.

The Landmark Farm and Garden Center is located at 444 Sackett Point Road, North Haven,Connecticut. This facility was a warehouse and retail center for garden supplies until 1994. Thewarehouse had stored fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other dry chemicals. The pesticidesstored inside the warehouse, as well as the contaminated dust in the building, were a public healthhazard [2]. This information was discussed in a health consultation by the CT DPH and ATSDRin September of 1997. The pesticides and dust in the warehouse have been remediated.

Because the Landmark Farm and Garden Center structure is a wooden building, there is concernabout the possibility of fire. The primary concern is that a fire could cause the combustion ofresidual pesticides that would expose nearby residents and workers to ambient air levels ofcontaminants high enough to require evacuation [3]. Because of the fire and chemical hazards,EPA has stationed a 24-hour security guard at the facility.

Concern has been raised about the proximity of the warehouse to a pet grooming facility (Clip andDip). Data from soil samples outside and dust samples inside the pet grooming facility werepreviously evaluated, and a report was issued on June 18, 1997 [4]. The results of those samplesindicated that the levels of pesticides in those limited locations presented no public health hazard.Because EPA was conducting remediation efforts near the pet grooming shop, the shop wasrelocated [1].

The current health consultation will evaluate the contaminant levels measured in the surface soiloutside the warehouse of the Landmark Farm and Garden Center.


Samples Collected

EPA coordinated the collection of 36 surface soil samples (surface soil is 0-3 inches below thesurface) throughout the site. The samples were collected in two phases: June 19, 1997, andOctober 29, 1997.

Table 1 presents the maximum concentrations detected above health comparison values for the 36samples. The analysis indicated that two of the soil pesticides, chlordane and dieldrin, weredetected at levels above their respective health comparison values. In general, exposures higherthan the health comparison values do not necessarily result in health effects. The maximumchlordane concentration was 2,500 parts per billion (ppb). This maximum concentration wasdetected in only one location: near the railroad car on the western side of the building. A total ofthree samples had chlordane concentrations above the health comparison value of 500 ppb. Thesample locations and maximum chlordane concentrations are presented in Figure 1.

Table 1.

Pesticides detected at levels above health comparison values in soil collected outside the warehouse at the Landmark Farm and Garden Center in North Haven [1].
Chemical   Maximum
Comparison Value CT Remediation Standards (ppb) 
(ppb) Sources Residential Industrial/Commercial
 chlordane 2,500.00 500.00 CREG 490.00 2,200.00
dieldrin 52.00 40.00 CREG 38.00 360.00

CREG: Cancer risk evaluation guide
ppb: parts per billion

Toxicological Evaluation

Exposure to chlordane and dieldrin on the Landmark site may have occurred in the past, and exposuremay be occurring to persons who trespass on the site and contact the contaminated soils. Althoughtrespassers have not been observed at the site, the potential exists, with one reason being that there arestudents in a school only one-half mile from the site.

Trespassing on this site could result in exposure to contaminants in the soil through ingestion or dermalcontact. Children's exposure to contaminated soil may be the matter of most concern. The amount ofchlordane ingested per kilogram of body weight was calculated for adults and children.

Chlordane and dieldrin have been classified by EPA as probable human carcinogens, carcinogenic andnoncarcinogenic health risks were evaluated. Using these guidelines,a child or adult trespassing on theLandmark site would not be exposed to levels of chlordane or dieldrin that would pose a carcinogenicor noncarcinogenic health threat.


  1. Based on the current data, exposure to the soil contaminants (including chlordane and dieldrin)outside the warehouse of the Landmark Farm and Garden Center site does not pose a healththreat to individuals trespassing on the site.


  1. If site activities change (including remediation efforts or future use), additional exposure to sitecontaminants might occur, and CT DPH will reevaluate the potential health threat of theseexposures.

Preparer of Health Consultation:

Gary D. Perlman, MPH
Environmental Epidemiology and Occupational Health
Connecticut Department of Public Health

ATSDR Region I Representative:

Louise House, RN, MA

ATSDR Technical Project Officer:

Tina Forrester, PhD
Superfund Site Assessment Branch
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


The Review of Soil Sampling at the Landmark Farm and Garden Center Site Health Consultation was prepared by the Connecticut Department of Public Health under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). It is in accordance with approved methodology and procedures existing at the time the Health Consultation was initiated.

Tina Forrester
Technical Project Officer, SPS, SSAB, DHAC

The Division of Health Assessment and Consultation, ATSDR, has reviewed this Health Consultation and concurs with its findings.

Richard Gillig

Figure 1. Surface Soil: Sample Locations and Maximum Chlordane Concentrations The U.S. Government's Official Web PortalDepartment of Health and Human Services
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 4770 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30341
Contact CDC: 800-232-4636 / TTY: 888-232-6348

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