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Appendix A

Figure 1. Vicinity Map

Figure 2. USGS 7.5' Exerpt Showing Dixiana Area

Figure 3. Local Street/Site Location Map

Figure 4. Detailed Site Map

Figure 5. Private Well Sampling Locations

Figure 6. Site Topography

Figure 7-1. Surface Soil Sampling Locations - Narrow Gage Area

Figure 7-2. Surface Soil Sampling Locations - Storage Yard Area

Figure 7-3. Surface Soil Sampling Locations - Drip Shed Area

Figure 7-4. Surface Soil Sampling Locations - Surface Water Ponding Area

Figure 8. Subsurface Soil Boring Locations

Figure 9. Surface Water & Sediment Sampling Locations

Figure 10. Location of Soil Borings and Monitor Wells

Figure 11. Temporary Well Locations

Appendix B

Response to Comments received during the Public Comment Period

The following responses address technical comments submitted by the public during the public comment period of December 23, 1992 to January 29, 1993. The contents of this public health assessment, including its recommendations, were prepared in accordance with ATSDR's Public Health Guidance Manual, March, 1992. Comments recommending specific remedial activities are not addressed and are beyond the scope of this public health assessment. These recommendations have been taken under advisement and will be forwarded to the agency(s) responsible for these activities.

1. A recommendation was made that soil samples be taken from 0" - 10" instead of our recommendation of 0" - 3".

The PHA recommends sampling from 0" - 3" based on the ATSDR definition for surface soil. ATSDR derived this definition of surface soil based on the likelihood of human exposure. Therefore, the recommendation for additional soil samples was made to supplement existing soil data and to better evaluate possible human health implications from exposure to contaminants in soil.

2. A concern was expressed for the need to define the extent of groundwater contamination.

We agree with this comment and have made this recommendation in the public health assessment.

3. A recommendation was made that sampling data should be reviewed and that site-related contamination in the area needs to be distinguished from nonsite-related contamination.

We agree that sampling data should be reviewed to determine what contaminants of concern are site related. This recommendation has been made in the public health assessment.

4. A recommendation was made about permanently closing out the private well that had detectable levels of chromium in it.

We agree that this well should be permanently closed to prevent future human exposure to contaminants in the well water. We have added this to the Recommendations section of the public health assessment. Presently, the well and residence are abandoned.

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