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PADOH and ATSDR conclude that the Jackson Ceramix site (the site) is still a public health hazard. We base this conclusion on the continued presence of raw sewage on site. However, PADOH and ATSDR conclude that the site soon could be removed from the public health hazard category, once the sewage is collected and treated. Almost all of the physical hazards, such as unstable fire debris and climbing hazards, have been demolished and the fence around the site is secure.

PADOH and ATSDR conclude that the lead-contaminated clay in the wetlands is a potential public health hazard to people who may enter the swamp for whatever reason, such as hunting or trapping. PADOH and ATSDR conclude that one data gap still exists. We still do not know how much lead is in the top three inches of soil in the playground, especially the ballfield and the soccer field.



  1. Maintain the security fence to reduce the chance of trespassing until the OU1 cleanup activities are complete.

  2. Continue with the sanitary sewage collection system project in Falls Creek Borough. The Borough of Falls Creek should follow up.

  3. Place warning signs around the areas of elevated lead contamination in swamp sediments stating that the areas present a health hazard for lead. Follow through on OU2 cleanup plans.

  4. Follow through on plans to characterize site-wide groundwater (OU3).

  5. Sample the top three inches of soil in the soccer field and ballfield. Analyze the samples for total lead.



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Mark A. Lavin, B.S. Environmental Health Specialist
Pennsylvania Department of Health



This Health Consultation for the Jackson Ceramix site was prepared by the Pennsylvania Department of Health under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). It is in accordance with approved methodology and procedures existing at the time the Health Consultation was initiated.

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