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Based on the available data and information, portions of the Packard Plant property are considered a health hazard because of the physical hazards from the waste materials (including old tires and bundled plastic) present and the decay of the building structures. Lead-containing paint and asbestos-containing insulation are also present in the buildings. Large amounts of bird droppings present in some parts of the complex potentially pose human health hazards.


Remove the trash and bird droppings in the buildings from the Packard Plant property while rehabilitating the property for future use.

Repair or demolish the buildings on the property to eliminate the physical hazards.

Use appropriate techniques to remove or encapsulate the lead-containing paint and asbestos-containing insulation during demolition or rehabilitation of the property so that workers and neighboring residents are not exposed to lead or asbestos.

New environmental data or information concerning the future use of this property may require future health consultations.

If any citizen has additional information or health concerns regarding the Packard Plant property, please contact the Michigan Department of Community Health, Environmental Epidemiology Division, at 1-800-648-6942.


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