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The Stan's Trucking Incorporated (a/k/a Six Star Limited Landfill) property is a closed municipal landfill in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The property, once farmed, was later mined for sand and gravel. After the mining operation closed, the pits were used for dumping of trash. The Stan's Trucking Incorporated landfill operation formally began in 1966, obtaining a license from the State of Michigan in 1970. At the time they started operation in 1966, they used the gravel pits without additional liners. Some pits reached below the water table. In 1975, water from several private wells northeast of the property was found to be contaminated. The State replaced the wells with connections to a municipal water supply and ordered the landfill closed. In 1976, a new landfill operator, Six Star Limited Inc., installed a liner under the landfill and reopened the operation. In 1981 or 1982, Six Star Limited closed the landfill and covered it with 2 feet of clay.

Metal and organic chemical contamination is still in the landfill waste, leachate, and groundwater on the property. However, under current conditions, this contamination poses no apparent public health hazard. Human exposure to contaminated groundwater has been eliminated by replacement of affected private wells. Also, no apparent public exposure to the waste and leachate is occurring. Sampling of surface soil on the property has not found any contamination. Although access to the property is inadequately restricted, contact with leachate is not likely to be frequent. To further reduce the likelihood of exposure to leachate, access to the property should be better restricted (e.g., restore the fence around the property), and the cap should be maintained to prevent erosion and leachate outbreaks. Any future use of the property should be designed to prevent exposure to the waste and leachate for workers carrying out the work and for future site users.


The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has asked the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) to evaluate the health risks associated with the Stan's Trucking Incorporated property as part of a Brownfields Pilot Project.

The Stan's Trucking Incorporated (a/k/a Six Star Limited Landfill) property covers approximately 85 acres between School Road and Hamlin Road in Rochester Hills, Oakland County, Michigan (Figure 1). The address of the southwest access to the property is 1131 E. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills (1).

Part of the property was formerly used as farmland, then for sand and gravel mining. The pits left by the mining operation were used for dumping of refuse after mining was closed. Stan's Trucking Incorporated began landfill operations on the property in 1966, accepting wood, soil, and inert materials. They were licensed by the State in 1970. The pits used for landfill were below the water table, and no liner was installed before disposal began. No information is available on the quantities or types of wastes disposed there during this period. In 1975, after contamination was found in water from residential wells northeast of the landfill, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR)(1) ordered the landfill closed. In 1976, a new operator, Six Star Limited Incorporated, installed a new clay liner under the landfill and reopened it. Six Star closed the operation in 1981 or 1982 and covered the landfill with a two-foot-thick clay cap (1, 2).

In October 1990, the MDNR conducted a Screening Site Inspection (SSI) of the Stan's Trucking Landfill property. During the SSI, the MDNR collected samples of soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment from the property and its vicinity (3). In April 1997, the MDEQ conducted fieldwork for a Brownfields Redevelopment Assessment of the property (4).

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