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Figure 1.
Figure 1. Site Location

Figure 2.
Figure 2. Site Layout (from Reference
2, Figures 2.3 and 7.1)


The Michigan Department of Public Health released a draft of this Public Health Assessment forpublic comment on January 31, 1996. The public comment period lasted until March 1, 1996. No comments were received in this period.


1. On October 1, 1995, the environmental evaluation, regulatory, and enforcement functions ofthe Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) were transferred to the newly-formedMichigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

2. On April 1, 1996, the Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH) Division of Health RiskAssessment (DHRA) was absorbed into the newly-formed Michigan Department of CommunityHealth (MDCH). The site history and background section of this document uses the departmentalidentifiers in effect at the time of the events.

3. Described in Reference 6 from aerial photos. The reference does not provide any information on the years of operation or the nature of wastes disposed of in the landfill.

4. On April 1, 1996, the Water Supply Division of the Michigan Department of Public Health(MDPH) was transferred to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)Division of Drinking Water and Radiological Protection. The organizational identifies used in thisdocument are those in effect when the actions described occurred.

5. The new discharge is approximately 1 mile north of the one to Willow Run Creek, but isoutside the watershed of the Huron River. Waters from the River Rouge and the Huron River donot meet until they reach Lake Erie.

6. Pica behavior is an abnormal consumption of non-food materials, such as soil, most often seenin children under 5 years of age.

7. GM P. = G.M. Ponds

T.P. = Tyler Pond

E.P. = Edison Pond

B.L. = Belleville Lake

See Figure 1 for locations.

8. GM P. = G.M. Ponds

T.P. = Tyler Pond

E.P. = Edison Pond

B.L. = Belleville Lake

See Figure 1 for locations.

9. Range in urban soils.

10. Range in agricultural soil.

11. International range of legal limits in fish (26). No MDCH or U.S. FDA Level of Concern.

12. For total chlordane isomers.

13. For total DDT and metabolites.

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