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The Quincy Landfill 2 & 3 site poses no apparent public health hazard to residents living near the site. Site-related contaminants may have impacted off-site private wells nearest the site in the past, making groundwater the most likely route of exposure. Since most residents have been connected to Mill Creek Public Water supply and their wells have been sealed, this route of exposure no longer exists. The exception may be one resident about ½ mile west of the site whose home is not connected to Mill Creek Public Water supply and who is probably using a private well for drinking water. No residential well sample results were available from this private well. Additionally, the 1992 interim PHA cited concern about potential exposure from continued seepage of contaminated leachate to surface waters. Installation of the leachate collection system and the new cover material should prevent the leachate from entering surface water.


All of the recommendations listed in the 1992 interim PHA have been addressed. IDPH recommends that the Quincy Landfill 2 & 3 PRG:

  1. Encourage the homeowner ½ mile west of the site to connect the home to the Mill Creek Public Water supply and seal the private well to eliminate possible exposure to site- related contaminants in groundwater. IDPH will send the resident information on how the well could become contaminated and result in exposure to anyone using the water.
  2. Provide groundwater containment and treatment if groundwater cleanup levels are not met and maintained. Illinois EPA requires that the participating respondents group conduct sampling until groundwater remedial actions are shown to be effective.
  3. Continue proper maintenance of the leachate collection system and tank. Illinois EPA requires the participating respondents group to maintain the system.
  4. Maintain the landfill cap, particularly to address any erosion that occurs. Illinois EPA requires the participating respondents group to ensure landfill cap stability.
  5. Maintain a 6-foot-high security fence around the perimeter of the site to prevent trespassing. Illinois EPA requires the participating respondents group to maintain the fence.


Jennifer Coffey
Environmental Toxicologist
Illinois Department of Public Health

Ken Runkle
Mike Moomey
Environmental Toxicologists
Illinois Department of Public Health

ATSDR Regional Representative
Louise Fabinski
Regional Operations
Office of the Assistant Administrator

ATSDR Technical Project Officers
Gail Godfrey
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation

Steve Inserra
Division of Health Studies

Courtney Jones
Division of Health Education and Promotion


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