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IDPH concludes, based on the information reviewed, that no apparent public health hazard currently exists from exposure to contaminated soil or groundwater found on and near the former Bohn Heat Transfer Facility. IDPH evaluated past and present exposure to contaminated media, and no adverse health effects would be expected. The pump and treat system installed in 1997 should reduce the level of contaminants in the groundwater. Although the pump and treat system should prevent contaminants from migrating from the site, low levels of VOCs could reach Beardstown public wells in the future. If that were to happen, any future exposure would need to be evaluated.


IDPH recommends:

  1. Continued operation of the groundwater recovery and air stripping system to further reduce on- and off-site contaminant levels. Collins and Aikman Products Company will continue this operation in accordance with an agreement with IEPA on the remedial alternative.

  2. Continued monitoring of the Beardstown public water supply wells for possible changes. The contaminants of interest should be included in the monitoring program. Public water supplies are required to monitor for contaminants, and IEPA has authority to require more frequent monitoring if necessary.

  3. Continued periodic monitoring of groundwater in the area. The selected remedial alternative includes monitoring area groundwater. IEPA will continue to evaluate conditions as the responsible party reports data.

  4. Performing a health evaluation of possible exposures to contaminated soils if the property is redeveloped. IDPH will provide a health evaluation upon request if the property is redeveloped.


Aaron Martin
Environmental Toxicologist
Illinois Department of Public Health

Ken Runkle
Mike Moomey
Environmental Toxicologists
Illinois Department of Public Health

ATSDR Regional Representative
Louise Fabinski
Regional Operations
Office of the Assistant Administrator

ATSDR Technical Project Officers
Gail Godfrey
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation

Steve Inserra
Division of Health Studies

Courtney Wilson
Division of Health Education and Promotion


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