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IDPH concludes that the Cyber-America site poses a public health hazard because of the physical hazards and the possiblechemical hazards at the site. IDPH makes the following recommendations:


1)Restrict access to the site.

2)Contain or remove asbestos containing material at the site; if asbestos is removed, care must be taken to not allowthe asbestos to become airborne. Fenceline monitoring should be conducted to evaluated any potential exposureto nearby residents. Levels at the fenceline should not exceed 0.01 fibers per cubic centermeters. If asbestos isencapsulated, the cover should be monitored regularly and not be disturbed.

3)Remove doors from stored refrigerators.

4)Remove and properly dispose of drums and containers containing hazardous wastes.

5)Properly abandon and close all underground storage tanks; test the soil and groundwater in the tank areas todetermine if they have leaked.

6)Collect soil samples from known hazardous waste storage areas to determine if the surrounding soil is contaminated.

IDPH will perform community and health professional education as needed.


Jennifer C. Slightom
Environmental Toxicologist
Illinois Department of Public Health


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This Cyber-America Site Health Consultation was prepared by the Illinois Department of Public Health under acooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). It is in accordancewith approved methodology and procedures existing at the time the health consultation was begun.

Gail D. Godfrey
Technical Project Officer
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation

The Division of Health Assessment and Consultation, ATSDR, has reviewed this health consultation and concurs withits findings.

Richard E. Gillig
Chief, State Programs Section
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation

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