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The Woodstock Municipal Landfill currently poses no apparent public health hazard because there is presently no exposure to contaminants at levels of public health concern. In the future, the site could pose a health threat due to the potential migration of contaminated on-site groundwater to downgradient private wells. In the deep glacial till, on-site groundwater movement has not been well-characterized, and that off-site has not been examined; as a result, it is unknown which private wells to the east, south, or west are downgradient of the landfill and whether site contaminants may reach any of them at levels of concern. Because the Woodstock municipal wells are 2 to 3 miles upgradient of the site, they are not likely to become contaminated by it.

Past and present exposures of nearby residents, on-site workers, and trespassers to on-site contaminants were and are probably infrequent and negligible. The continuation of existing restrictions against the future on-site construction of homes or other structures is warranted. During site remediation activities, dust reduction methods should be employed and site workers should use proper protective equipment to prevent exposure to contaminants.

  1. Conduct periodic monitoring of private wells that are closest to the site (east, south, and west of the site) to ensure that no exposure is occurring to hazardous substances at levels of public health concern.
  2. Determine which private wells using the deeper glacial till aquifer are downgradient of the site and the likelihood of their contamination.
  3. Maintain the existing institutional controls to prevent the construction of homes or other structures that would compromise the cap and would likely cause exposure to on-site contaminants. In addition, landfill gas may penetrate into any future buildings constructed on the landfill and create a health and flammability hazard.
  4. Assure the use of proper protective equipment and dust reduction methods by on-site workers during excavation or other remediation activities that disturb the landfill cap.
  5. Continue periodic monitoring of on-site wells to detect possible changes in contaminants, their concentrations, and migration.


In accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, as amended, the Woodstock Municipal Landfill site has been evaluated for appropriate follow-up with respect to health activities. There is no evidence that people are or have been exposed to site-related contaminants at levels of health concern. Consequently, no health studies are warranted at this time. If on-site groundwater contamination reaches private wells in the future, the site will be reevaluated for follow-up health actions.


Based on the recommendations made in the health assessment, the following public health actions have been or will be done:

  1. IDPH will conduct community health education to assist residents in understanding their potential for exposure.
  2. No health studies are warranted at this time. In the future, if new data indicate that exposure to potentially harmful levels of chemicals is occurring, the need for follow-up health studies will be reevaluated.



Thomas A. Baughman
Environmental Toxicologist
Illinois Department of Public Health


Ken Runkle
Bruce Barrow
Environmental Toxicologists
Illinois Department of Public Health

ATSDR Regional Representative:

Louise Fabinski
Regional Operations
Office of the Assistant Administrator

ATSDR Technical Project Officers

Gail Godfrey
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation
Steve Inserra
Division of Health Studies
Grant Baldwin
Division of Health Education and Promotion


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