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ATSDR classifies the Ashland Petroleum Company Site as an Indeterminate Public Health Hazard. An evaluation of air sampling information will enable ATSDR to further define any public health recommendations for this site.

  1. Ashland Oil contributes to urban air quality problems in the Tri-State Area.

  2. Exposure point concentration data are needed to fully evaluate the potential health effects. Results from the TGI air monitoring, air modeling, and risk assessment for the area that includes Ashland Oil will allow ATSDR to evaluate the public health ramifications.

  3. Results from a USEPA multimedia investigation will provide additional environmental data specific to the Ashland facility.


Based on the information reviewed for this site, it has been determined that the air exposure pathway remains the primary concern for Ashland Oil.

  1. ATSDR will conduct a thorough evaluation of the air sampling and analytical data generated by the TGI Air Toxics Project for the Kenova, WV cluster.

  2. ATSDR will review the multimedia investigation conducted by the USEPA at the Ashland facility.

  3. ATSDR will prepare a public health assessment based on air quality data as soon as possible after the data are available to ATSDR. Once the health assessment has been prepared, it will be made available for public comment.


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