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Comments on the Ashland Petroleum (Ashland Oil) Site
Petitioned Health Consultation
Comment Period: May 7 - June 7, 1998

Comment 1:

The company name listed on the document cover is incorrect. Ashland recently began a partnership with Marathon Oil and renamed themselves Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC. The previous name was Ashland Petroleum Company, Division of Ashland Oil, Inc., Catlettsburg, Boyd County, Kentucky. The Ashland Chemical Company is located in Neal, Wayne County, West Virginia.

Response to Comment 1:

ATSDR has corrected this error on the title page of the health consultation as well as in its official database. The USEPA’s Envirofacts database lists the site as "Ashland Petroleum Company, Division Ashland Oil". ATSDR has adopted this name as the official site name and includes "Ashland Oil" and "Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC" among the alias names.


Comment 2:

The Tri-State Geographic Initiative (TGI) believes that the calcium oxides, not aluminum silicates, were the agent causing corrosion in the fallout dust.

Response to Comment 2:

ATSDR obtained information on the composition of the particulate fallout from a USEPA memorandum which included a summary of two sets of sampling results [1]. On August 6, 1984, the state of West Virginia sampled the fallout with the following results:

42.62% CaCO3

30.00% SiO2

10.05% CaSO4×2H2O

1.59% Al2O3

1.45% CaO

[14.29% unspecified]

Samples collected on September 9, 1984 showed a pH of 11 - 12 and that the major constituents were aluminum, silica, and iron.

ATSDR did not have access to the actual laboratory data sheets. However, these reported results indicate that the composition of the dust varied. The first set of results shows that the dust contained predominantly limestone and silica, while the second set shows that the dust primarily consisted of aluminum, silica, and iron. The data, therefore, point to limestone, gypsum, and lime as the potentially corrosive agents. Since the original statement was not intended to specify the corrosive compounds in the dust, ATSDR has removed the reference to aluminum silicates.


Comment 3:

The South Point Ethanol facility has been out of business for several years and should be removed from the list of companies contributing to poor air quality.

Response to Comment 3:

ATSDR recently learned that South Point Ethanol operated until 1995. As a result, it may have impacted historical air quality and should be included in the health consultation for that reason. However, the consultation has been rewritten to clarify that South Point Ethanol is no longer operating.

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