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Because contaminants are present at levels of significant health concern, and because some exposure appears to be occurring, the Armour Road site has been classified as a Urgent Public Health Hazard. This classification is based on the following conclusions.

  1. Soil and groundwater are contaminated with a variety of chemicals at levels of health concern. The contaminant of principle concern is arsenic.
  2. Site access is supposed to be restricted with chain-link fence, but there is evidence of trespassers being on the site. The geo-cover and gravel cover is not completely intact. Contaminated soil poses a threat to trespassers entering the site; therefore, this site currently presents an urgent public health threat.
  3. There are no private drinking wells or public water supply wells down-gradient of the site so there is no ongoing threat posed by groundwater at the site.
  4. Future potential exposure pathways include the current trespasser scenario and off-site migration of contaminated dust. In addition, remedial workers could be exposed to site contaminants, and any drinking water wells installed within the contaminated plume could lead to exposure through ingestion or dermal contact. Even if the gravel cover, polypropylene geo-fabric, and security fence are repaired, there still exists a potential for them to be compromised. This would result in exposure to contaminants at levels of health concerns.
  5. In the past, exposure to contaminants probably occurred to on-site workers through direct contact with the chemicals, possibly through direct contact with the soil, and possibly through inhalation or incidental ingestion of contaminated soil particles.


  1. Improve and maintain site security to prevent access and exposure to on-site contaminants.
  2. Repair the degraded sections of the polypropylene geo-fabric and gravel cover so that all contaminated soil is capped.
  3. Since the potential exists for future exposure to groundwater, measures should be taken to eliminate further groundwater contamination.
  4. Prevent access to contaminated groundwater to prevent exposure until groundwater can be remediated.
  5. Ensure that remediation workers use the appropriate protection equipment and follow standard health protective procedures when working with contaminated materials.

When additional information becomes available, it will be thoroughly evaluated, and existing assessment documents will be updated to reflect any changes. DOH/ATSDR will respond appropriately to any request for additional information or action.


The Public Health Action Plan (PHAP) for the Armour Road site contains a description of actions to be taken by DOH and ATSDR. The purpose of the PHAP is to ensure that this public health assessment not only identifies public health hazards, but provides an action plan to mitigate and prevent adverse human health effects resulting from past, present, and/or future exposures to hazardous substances at or near the site. Included is a commitment from DOH and/or ATSDR to follow up on this plan to ensure that it is implemented. The public health actions to be implemented by DOH and/or ATSDR are as follows:

  1. DOH/ATSDR will coordinate with the appropriate environmental agencies to implement the recommendations in this public health assessment.
  2. DOH/ATSDR will provide follow-up to this PHAP as necessary. This follow-up report will be placed in the repositories that contain this public health assessment.
  3. DOH/ATSDR will evaluate any further data that become available about human exposure or contaminants at the site.


Arthur Busch
Environmental Specialist
Missouri Department of Health

Scott Clardy
Environmental Section Chief
Missouri Department of Health

Brian Quinn
Public Information Specialist
Missouri Department of Health

ATSDR Technical Project Officers

Roberta Erlwein
Environmental Health Scientist
Division of Health and Consultation

Dee Williamson
Division of Health Studies

Grant Baldwin
Health Educator
Division of Health Education and Promotion

ATSDR Regional Representative

Denise Jordan-Izaguirre
Senior Regional Representative
EPA Region VII


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The Armour Road Public Health Assessment was prepared by the Missouri Department of Health under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). It is in accordance with approved methodology and procedures existing at the time the health consultation was initiated.

Roberta Erlwein
Technical Project Officer, SPS, SSAB, DHAC

The Superfund Site Assessment Branch pf the Division of Health Assessment and Consultation, ATSDR, has reviewed this Health Assessment and concurs with its findings.

Richard Gillig

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