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  1. This site poses no apparent public health hazard because no one is being exposed to contaminants present at the site.
  2. The groundwater at the site is contaminated with lead and arsenic, among other contaminants. Residents around this site use municipal water rather than private well water. Past exposure may have occurred if anyone used contaminated private well water before using municipal water. However, if any private wells were used, the wells have likely been abandoned and difficult to locate for testing. Future exposures to contaminated media are not likely to occur unless someone uses contaminated groundwater for drinking water.


  1. Impose institutional controls, such as deed restrictions, to prevent people from installing private wells in the contaminated aquifer.
  2. Remove the drums that remain on the site.

Health Activities Recommendation Panel Recommendations (HARP)

In accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 as amended, ATSDR and ISDH have evaluated the Carter-Lee Lumber site for appropriate health follow-up activities. Because some members of the community expressed concern about the site contamination, site-specific environmental health education would help assure that the community has a clear understanding about health risks from exposure to site contaminants and other contaminants in the area. The state will lead this effort and will involve the local health agency.

Public Health Action Plan

ISDH will evaluate additional environmental samples, relevant health outcome data, and community health concerns as needed.

ISDH will contact appropriate personnel at the county level and will coordinate efforts to educate the community on perceived and actual risk posed by the Carter-Lee Lumber site.

The IDEM project manager stated the drums will be removed as part of the project close out.


Mr. Garry L. Mills
Environmental Manager
Environmental Epidemiology Section
Indiana State Department of Health

Ms. Dollis M. Wright
Environmental Epidemiology Section
Indiana State Department of Health

Ms. Cheryl L. Thomas
Administrative Assistant
Environmental Epidemiology Section
Indiana State Department of Health

ATSDR Regional Representative:

Ms. Louise Fabinski
Region V

ATSDR Technical Project Officers:

Gail Godfrey, Division of Health Assessment and Consultation
Steve Inserra, Division of Health Studies
Grant Baldwin, Division of Health Education and Promotion


This Carter-Lee Lumber Company Public Health Assessment was prepared by the Indiana State Department of Health under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). It is in accordance with approved methodology and procedures existing at the time the public health assessment was begun.

Gail D. Godfrey
Technical Project Officer
Superfund Site Assessment Branch (SSAB)
Division of Health Assessment and Consultation (DHAC)

The Division of Health Assessment and Consultation, ATSDR, has reviewed this public health assessment and concurs with its findings.

Richard E. Gillig


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