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2015 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

2013 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

2011 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

2007 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

2005 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

2003 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

2001 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

1999 ATSDR CEP Site Count Report

The Full SPL Spreadsheet on the SPL Resources page now includes all CEP Report data in a filterable numeric format along with additional supporting information, including all candidates for all years that the CEP Report has been produced (it thus includes all substances that have ever appeared in a CEP in ATSDR site documents). New for 2015: Pathway counts added.

The CEP Report is produced at the same time from the same data as ATSDR’s SPL. The Summary Statistics in the Full SPL Data spreadsheet apply to both, and general statements on its Cover Page about the data also apply. The Summary Statistics show when the information was generated, as well as some background information to put the data into perspective (number of sites and documents as of the time it was run, etc.). Consult the Full SPL Spreadsheet for more information.

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