ATSDR Communication Toolkit

say it better atsdr communications toolkit
The Purpose of This Toolkit
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Community members are key participants in the public health assessment process, and effective communication is a critical part of fostering trusting relationships. ATSDR site team members’ use of ACT will help ensure that all communication is clear, relevant, and appropriate for the various audiences. Additionally, using ACT will ensure that all teams are providing consistent communication.

With ACT, an array of enhanced communication tools is at your fingertips!

Say It Better!
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The ATSDR Communication Toolkit  helps ATSDR site teams improve their communication efforts with local communities.

ACT’s objectives are to provide:

  • customizable tools for simplifying communication
  • guidance on responding to different levels of concern
  • a way to set realistic expectations and  measure the usefulness of the public health assessment process
Page last reviewed: March 3, 2016