Site Locations

How the Communities Were Selected

CDC/ATSDR used a rigorous process to choose sites for the exposure assessments, starting by identifying all communities that were known to have PFAS in their drinking water. We then examined other factors, such as:

  • Estimated number of people exposed
  • Magnitude of exposure
  • Length of time exposure took place.

In addition, the process also took into account the complexity of the drinking water system to ensure that all potentially affected members of a community could be identified for possible inclusion.

The sites also had to fit specific scientific criteria so that they will give CDC/ATSDR a good chance of learning information that is valuable to the selected communities, and to other communities facing similar PFAS exposure. The benefits of the exposure assessments will extend beyond the communities identified.  The lessons learned can also be applied to communities facing similar PFAS drinking water exposures.

CDC/ATSDR funded two pilot exposure assessments that were conducted by the Pennsylvania and New York State Health Departments in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania, and Westhampton, New York. Building on that work, the exposure assessments will take place in the following communities:


Page last reviewed: January 27, 2020