Place and Health

"The places of our lives affect the quality of our health" with city and rural cartoon landscape in background
How Does Place Affect Health?

The places of our lives – our homes, workplaces, schools, parks, and houses of worship – affect the quality of our health and influence our experience with disease and well-being. The Geospatial Research, Analysis, and Services Program (GRASP) uses geospatial science, analysis, technology, and visualization to examine the relationship between place and health.

Featured Stories
Globe with a person's finger pointing to Congo

Mapping the Ebola Response: CDC’s Emergency Operations Center Situational Awareness team relied on geospatial expertise from GRASP.

Satellite image of hurricane over the Caribbean

The Impact of Hurricane Sandy on HIV Testing Rates: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis.

The Intersection of Place and Health
Blue map with light blue roads

Zip codes are as important as genetic codes in determining our health.

Page last reviewed: August 9, 2022