ATSDR Comparison Value Viewer

What are ATSDR Comparison Values?

Comparison Values (CVs) are concentrations of a substance in air, water, or soil that is unlikely to cause harmful health effects in exposed people. The CV is used as a screening level during the public health assessment process. Substances found in amounts greater than their CVs might be selected for further evaluation in the public health assessment process. Comparison values maybe available for cancer, non-cancer or both endpoints.

What is the ATSDR Comparison Value Viewer?

The ATSDR Comparison Value Viewer is a computer program that quickly displays comparison values used by ATSDR for all media and selects the most sensitive value for use in site prioritization work.

Download the 32-bit Comparison Value Viewer [Microsoft ® Access ®, 3.7 MB]

If prompted, please select “Save” or “Save as” to save the file to your computer or network drive. Then double-click the downloaded file to launch the tool.

What are some features of the ATSDR Comparison Value Viewer?

  • Select from three scenarios: Air, Soil, and Water
  • Displays ATSDR health comparison values
  • Checks for updates and allows users to install newer versions
  • Assist reviewers of Land Reuse data

ATSDR comparison Value viewer



What entities are using the ATSDR Comparison Value Viewer?

Local Health Departments and those involved with Land Reuse sites may find it helpful. This tool is provided as a screening tool to get a basic understanding of which chemicals exceed an ATSDR Health Comparison Value to guide land reuse planning, and which may need further evaluation regarding the health risk associated with the exposure. The results from this tool should not be used to evaluate communities that may be exposed to hazards waste or to make public health decisions about past and current exposures.

Who should not use the ATSDR Comparison Value Viewer?

While this tool can provide assistance with Land Reuse Sites, it should not be used by ATSDR health assessors for evaluating site-specific data associated with exposures in a community. ATSDR Public Health Assessments and Health Consultations require a more thorough approach to evaluating these exposures which goes beyond the capability of the Comparison Value Viewer.

Page last reviewed: October 19, 2020