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Oak Ridge Reservation

Historical Document

This Web site is provided by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) ONLY as an historical reference for the public health community. It is no longer being maintained and the data it contains may no longer be current and/or accurate.

ORRHES Meeting Minutes
December 2, 2003

Table of Contents

DR. KOWETHA DAVIDSON: Ok, I think we’re ready now. I’ll call the meeting to order. I think we have quorum so we can get started. First, I would like to welcome our new recorder, Joan Roberts. She lives in Oak Ridge. She is a lifetime resident of Oak Ridge and she’s a certified court reporter and she’ll be taking our minutes today. So, I’m asking everyone when you talk please speak into the microphone because she’s not familiar with who we are and also identify yourself as well so that she will know who to attribute the comments to, because if you don’t it may come out to whom it may concern or from whom it may concern. Ok, we will start with the introduction and since Jeff has so kindly decided to sit right here next to the front table we will start with Jeff.

MR. JEFF HILL: Yeah, I told them there wasn’t a whole lot of difference in teacher’s pet and teacher’s pest. So, see if I sit here next time. Jeff Hill, a member of the committee.

(Whereupon, David Johnson; Bobby Sonnenburg; Don CREASIA; Tony Malinauskas; Don Box; Susan Kaplan; Jon Richards, EPA Region IV; Brenda Vowell, Liaison Department of Health; Bob Craig; Charles Washington, Sr.; Peggy Adkins; George Gartseff; Herman Cember; L. C. Manley; Lorine Spencer all introduced themselves.)

DR. DAVIDSON: Will the rest of our ATSDR staff and guests please just give your name?

(Whereupon, Jack Hanley , ATSDR; Timothy Joseph, DOE; Al Brooks; Paul Parson, Oak Ridger; Jennifer Sergenson, ATSDR; Dr. William Taylor, ATSDR; Marilyn Horton, ATSDR; Melissa Fish, ATSDR; Jerry Pereira, ATSDR; Sandra Isaacs, ATSDR; Paul Charp; Burt Cooper, ATSDR all introduced themselves.)

DR. DAVIDSON: And I’m Kowetha Davidson. And we have two more people coming in and I will just give their names because they’re on their way in. It’s Karen Galloway and Pete Malmquist. On our agenda review we have a short agenda today and hopefully we will be out before too long, maybe around 5:00, 5:30, but if we have to go over in time a little bit we will. The first item on the agenda today will be Bill who is going to give us a discussion on the conclusion categories for the public health assessment. And if the subcommittee have no objection the next two items on the agenda, Karen, you’re over here. If the subcommittee has no objections the next two items on the agenda the presentation by Paul and Bill Hanley, I’m sorry, Jack Hanley, Jack Hanley will be reversed. Paul will give his overview of the document first and then we will have a discussion, you know, of the public comments by Jack after that, and that can lead into the ORRHES discussion that follows. Which follows that will be the recommendations from our work group. Our public comments today will be from 2:30 til 3:00. So, members of the public who would like to speak you’ll have the opportunity to speak at 2:30 to 3:00. If you have any burning issues on our discussion as they’re going on just wave your hand so that I’ll know that you’re there. Our break is at 3:00, and we’ll try not to go beyond 3:00 because that will give us the opportunity to give our recorder a break as well. And following that, you know, we will have the remaining part of our work group discussion and vote and Jerry will give an update on the project management. And then Lorine will have a discussion on our committee membership because, you know, we’re at a transition stage in that at this time. And then we’ll just have the rest of our agenda with the unfinished business and new business, etcetera. Are there any questions regarding the agenda? James?

MR. JAMES LEWIS: Sorry I’m late. Is the agenda as written?

DR. DAVIDSON: No, I had said at the beginning we will reverse the discussion with Paul and Jack. Paul will go first and then Jack. Ok, under our correspondence, I think you have it on the table in front of you, a copy of the letter that I sent, I’m sorry, from EPA Headquarters. I won’t go through that, you know, but you can read it at your convenience. There are some slight changes, you know, from when I went over this in the PHA and the change that was made was that I wrote the letter so that it was coming from me rather than the subcommittee because it could not come from the subcommittee because it was not a subcommittee letter; it was a letter from the Chair to EPA. And I should also mention that I have not received a response as of yet. And now you also have in your notebooks under item number two is meeting minutes from our October meeting and I would like to entertain a motion for approval unless there are further discussion on the minutes. Lewis?

MR. LEWIS: I guess I ask that, I made a request after looking at the minutes of the meeting–

DR. DAVIDSON: You need to, as we mentioned before we have a new recorder so you have to speak into the microphone.

MR. LEWIS: After reviewing the minutes of the meeting I made a special request that ATSDR look at going back and doing a more detailed, I guess, documentation of the discussion that was held around Jack Hanley’s presentation where Herman Cember was involved and I guess I don’t know if that was done. I attempted to review to compare that; they indicated that they were going to do that. I’d like to know if that was addressed or do they plan to address it? I think I gave that, that was given to Lorine.

MS. LORINE SPENCER: My understanding, I didn’t go back word for word, but my understanding is there was more detail put in and we did put in specific items that you mentioned and I know those are in the minutes because I looked specifically for those.

MR. LEWIS: I don’t know if I can challenge that right now but there was a couple of statements I’d like to talk to you about, you know, after that. Thank you.

DR. DAVIDSON: We have a motion on the floor to approve the minutes. All those in favor say aye. We will take a voice vote. All those opposed? The minutes are approved.

MS. SPENCER: Behind tab 4 you’ll find the action items. There were no outstanding action items at the last meeting; we had none. We do have some that are still pending that we are awaiting some closure on. We did make the corrections that Susan had there were a couple of spellings and other things so those have been corrected. So, please let me know if there are any other corrections to the action items but we have none outstanding from the last meeting.

DR. DAVIDSON: Ok, if we’ve got that all out of the way we can now get started with the real part of our meeting. So, Bill, you’re on.


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