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Oak Ridge Reservation

Oak Ridge Reservation: Communications & Outreach Work Group

Historical Document

This Web site is provided by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) ONLY as an historical reference for the public health community. It is no longer being maintained and the data it contains may no longer be current and/or accurate.

Communications and Outreach Work Group

January 28, 2003 - Meeting Minutes


Members attending:
ATSDR Oak Ridge Field Office:
James Lewis, Chair
Peggy Adkins
David Johnston
Kowetha Davidson
Donna Mosby
Bill Murray, Staff

Lorine Spencer
Lafreta Dalton

James began the meeting at 6p.. reviewed the agenda. Item #3 was moved up due to Lafreta having to leave the call early. The summary of the last meeting will be sent to members via email. A hard copy of the recommendations from the last meeting was provided to the members. (Bill if you could attach those to the summary of the meeting..I will send it to you today so you can distribute)

#3 Website:

  • Lafreta reported that ERG is currently updating the website. You will now see a link to the Oak Ridge website on the home page of ATSDR's website.
  • Placeholders have been placed under each work group to put agendas and minutes. Agendas can be put up on the website within 3-5 working days. The more lead time you give the techs the greater probability it will be put up in a timely matter.
  • A discussion ensued about the time line for getting minutes placed on the website. Currently minutes of the ORRHES meetings are put on the web after approval by ORRHES. The pros and cons of putting draft minutes on the web was also discussed.
  • A cross reference index of key issues was also discussed. The key issues must be first identified.
    1. Lafreta and Lorine will work on getting a list together.
    2. and Lafreta will f/u with the computer techs. Some issues mentioned were the COC, clinic, Dr. Hershman...

#2 Recommendations:

Much discussion ensued re: the need for another recommendation to address the distribution of information to the community i.e. fact sheets, announcements, etc. Peggy and others made several suggestions of places to reach those individuals who are sick or feel disenfranchised i.e. pharmacies, medical clinics and offices, hospital admissions, funeral homes, workers compensation offices, nursing homes, AARP, senior citizens centers, public access TV, churches, etc. The groups felt that if ATSDR would provide the materials and mail to certain identified locations, members of COWG would also distribute. The consensus was that the most effective outreach was with a person who is known, has credibility and trust in the community.

1) Peggy Adkins and Donna Mosby will work on a recommendation to address this issue.
2) David Johnston will ask Ms. Cynthia Finch to call Lorine re: the best way to distribute to the libraries in the area.
3) Mr. Johnston will also get with 9 Counties One Vision to see how they disseminate their informationÖdo they have a mailing list, etc.

#1 Briefing book:

The overall consensus was that the briefing book was a very good idea. Several suggestions were made to 1) organizations structure chart: include and arrow from the community opportunities to participate box to each of the work groups or add the box under each work group box; 2) place the opportunities for community participation fact sheet behind the organizational chart in the front and make it more general to show community opportunity to participate in all work groups; 3) place the vision and mission sheet next; 4) history and activities; 5) timeline; 6) ORRHES fact sheet; 7) ORRHES Public health activities; 8) community concerns database and on the back add an example of how the community concerns will be addressed; 9) community concerns comment sheet; 10) remove the AOCE map; and 11) environmental and occupational medical resources sheet.

1) Lorine and Bill will make the changes recommended and get back to the work group with the corrections and additions.

Next meeting date: Feb. 11.. 6p
Agenda items (at this time):
Review new recommendation
Review changes made to the briefing book
Review fact sheet on the Y-12 uranium releases PHA

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