"Partner" Secondary Objectives

3 Keys Framework - Partner
Work with community leaders and build community groups

Communities with stronger social ties and attachment to place are more resilient in the face of environmental contamination. Identify and leverage local assets and resources for building resilience, especially when it comes to securing funding and assistance to address local needs. These resources can include community leaders (e.g., elected officials, faith leaders); civic, nonprofit, and advocacy organizations; and others, such as mental health and disaster relief services.

Provide informal outreach and support settings

Augment government-organized meetings and learning opportunities by partnering with community groups to provide informal outreach, support settings, and resources. Case studies suggest these informal outreach strategies can be more effective in meeting peoples’ psychosocial needs than formalized public meetings facilitated by government representatives. For instance, health fairs or “teach-ins” in prominent public locations can further health education goals, and support groups have addressed mental health and information needs in the CEC context.

Page last reviewed: March 23, 2021