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Used Mineral-based Crankcase Oil

CAS ID #: 8002-05-9

Affected Organ Systems: Dermal (Skin), Hematological (Blood Forming), Neurological (Nervous System)

Cancer Classification: EPA: Not evaluated. IARC: Used gasoline engine oil (class 7.2) & mineral oils are probably carcinogenic. Cutting oils (classes 7.1 & 7.2) have limited evidence for carcinogenicity. NTP: Not evaluated

Please contact NTP, IARC, or EPA’s IRIS Hotline with questions on cancer and cancer classification.

Chemical Classification: Hydrocarbons (contain hydrogen and carbon atoms)

Summary: Used mineral-based crankcase oil is the brown-to-black, oily liquid removed from the engine of a motor vehicle when the oil is changed. It is similar to unused oil except it contains additional chemicals from its use as an engine lubricant. The chemicals in oil include hydrocarbons, which are distilled from crude oil, and various additives that improve the oil's performance. Used oil also contains chemicals formed when the oil is exposed to high temperatures and pressures inside an engine. It also contains some metals from engine parts and small amounts of gasoline, antifreeze, and chemicals that come from gasoline when it burns inside the engine. The chemicals found in used mineral-based crankcase oil vary depending on the brand and type of oil, whether gasoline or diesel fuel was used, the mechanical condition of the engine that the oil came from, and the amount of use between oil changes. Used oil is not naturally found in the environment.

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