Animated Toxicology Tool

Welcome to the Animated Toxicology Tool!

The animated toxicology tool (Tox Tool) is intended to be used by public health assessors, health educators, and regional ATSDR staff to supplement and support their responses to community members’ concerns about hazardous substances. This tool will help explain some of the more complex concepts of environmental health and toxicology using familiar images and simple diagrams. It is intended for use primarily in community settings; it is anticipated that the Tox Tool may be used at public availability sessions, informal learning sessions, and at public meetings.

Field Tool Objectives:
  • Provide an interactive field tool for ATSDR and other state public health staff that can support health education in the community.
  • Provide consistent and accurate information about chemical hazards regardless of the scientific expertise of the public health field staff.
Content Objectives:
  • Provide understandable and essential information on chemicals/toxicology principles to community members.
  • Provide responses to commonly asked questions about chemicals and other toxicology and epidemiology topics.

More information on many of the chemicals discussed in this Tox Tool can be found in the ATSDR Tox Profiles and ToxFAQs.

We appreciate your feedback on this tool, please e-mail Sue Casteel ( or Michelle Watters ( and let us know what you liked, how it was used, improvements to be made, problems encountered, subject areas you would like to see, etc.

Page last reviewed: December 29, 2015