Public Health Assessment (PHA) Training Curriculum

ATSDR developed a training curriculum for environmental health assessors and other public health professionals involved in the public health assessment (PHA) process. The PHA is ATSDR’s method to evaluate whether, and how, community members are being exposed to harmful levels of hazardous substances from environmental sites.

This training curriculum is based on the ATSDR Environmental Health Assessor Professional Competencies and the ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual. It explains how to perform all the PHA tasks, from learning about the environmental site and the community, to conducting the health effects evaluation, and developing a public health action plan.

Here you can find training, guidance, and tools

  • On the fundamentals of the PHA Process,
  • By PHA competency,
  • By PHA topic, and
  • By continuing education accreditation.
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Important Resources for the Public Health Assessment

ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual – ATSDR’s guidance that outlines methods and resources that environmental health professionals can use to evaluate environmental exposures associated with an industrial facility, commercial facility, or hazardous waste site.

ATSDR Online Public Health Assessment Training (PHAT) – PHAT teaches the basics of the public health assessment process. It consists of interactive modules based on a realistic environmental health case study, problem-solving exercises, and comprehensive resources and references.

SHOWER Model (ATSDR Shower and Household Water Use Exposure Model v3.0) – Exposure assessment tool including guidance and training to evaluate inhalation and dermal exposure to vapor-releasing chemicals associated with using contaminated water at home. Refer to User’s Guide for the SHOWER Model. You can request a copy of the model by emailing

Public Health Assessment System Tool (PHAST)
The Public Health Assessment Site Tool (PHAST) is a web-based application to assist ATSDR and partner health assessors in evaluating environmental data and performing complex dose calculations. PHAST contains multiple modules and resources, including public health assessment webinars, tools, and guidance. For more information about PHAST, upload the PHAST User Guide, Version 2.2

To request access to PHAST, send an e-mail to