Resources for ATSDR Training and Education by Topic

Find Public Health Assessment (PHA) courses, guidance, and tools by chemical, PHA step, or by exposure route.
By Public Health Assessment Step
1. Get familiar with the site.
2. Engage the community.
3. Select sampling data.
4. Evaluate the exposure pathways.
5. Screen sampling data.
6. Calculate exposure point concentrations and perform exposure calculations.
Training Modules and Primers
  • ATSDR Exposure Point Concentration Tool
  • Public Health Assessment Site Tool (PHAST): The Public Health Assessment Site Tool (PHAST) is a web-based application to assist ATSDR and partner health assessors in evaluating environmental data and performing complex dose calculations. PHAST contains multiple modules and resources, including public health assessment webinars, tools, and guidance. For more information about PHAST, upload the PHAST User Guide, Version 2.2
7. Conduct in-depth toxicological analysis.
8. Develop conclusions and determine recommendations.
9. Develop and release health assessment document.