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Experiencing technical problems with the online learning program?

Consider some of the troubleshooting pointers listed on this page. Also, from this page you can access a linked outline of the entire learning program.

Linked outline of the online learning program

Web site pages won't load properly

Minimum technical requirements for using this Web site call for a personal computer with at least a 200-MHz processor and 32 Mb of installed RAM (such as a Pentium-class computer). Another technical requirement is that you have what is now considered a standard modem (56kps) or faster connection to the Internet. If your home computer does not meet these technical requirements, your local library may have publically available computer equipment that does.

Also, interactions in this learning program require that you access the Web site with a version 4 or higher Web browser (such as Netscape 4.08 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. Note also that some interactions will not operate as intended when accessing the site with Netscape 6.0).

There are so many navigation buttons–where do I click?

There are essentially two navigation schemes on this Web site. The buttons on the left-hand side of the screen are for navigating your way around the main pages of this site and the sequence of screens in the online learning program.

Note that in the learning program, the left-hand navigation is specific to the different sections of the program, and navigation for the main pages of the site appears in the upper right (below the Web site's header). This navigation element is bound by two gray arrows for moving to the next or previous screen. Navigation for moving to the next or previous screen also is provided at the bottom of each screen of the online learning program.

The four buttons at the very top right of each page are not for navigating this specific Web site. Because this Web site was developed and is maintained by ATSDR, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), links in the top portion of the site's header (also called a banner) are related to ATSDR's main Web site. For example, the Home link in the header takes you to the ATSDR Home page. Both of the logos in the header are also links, to ATSDR and HHS. Additionally, a variety of ATSDR-related links are included in the footer of each page.

Exercises that involve dragging text across the screen won't work

Interactions in this learning program require that you access the Web site with a version 4 or higher Web browser (such as Netscape 4.08 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0). Also, drag-and-drop activities included on some screens will not operate as anticipated using Netscape 6.0. As an alternative to using the onscreen interactions to access information, text-only versions of individual screens are available throughout the learning program from links at the bottom of the page.

Pop-up windows won't launch when I click on an icon

A new pop-up window won't launch if one is already open. Therefore, you must always close a pop-up window after you have finished reading or reviewing its contents. You can close a pop-up window either by clicking on the Close Window button at the bottom of the window or by clicking on the X in the upper-righthand corner of the window. If using Windows, be sure to check your taskbar for pop-up windows that are still open but have been minimized.

Page won't print

If you are having difficulty printing a page from the online learning program using your browser's print function, print from the print-friendly version of the page. A link to a print-friendly version is located at the bottom of each page. If you are using a Netscape browser, text on some screens cannot be printed except from the print-friendly version of the page.

Files marked PDF won't open

If you click on an icon with a notation for a PDF, a Portable Document Format file should automatically open. (The PDF notation also specifies the size of the file.) To open a PDF file, you need to have the free Adobe PDF reader installed on your workstation. If you do not have this free software, you can download if from the Adobe site provided below. Also, even if you have the reader installed, you may want to update it with the current version:

Hyperlinked text jumps me to another page–how do I get back?

Some screens in the learning program include links to other sections of the program. If you click on one of these links, you can return to the page you started from using the Back button in your browser toolbar.

Some links on this Web site will jump you to an entirely different site on the Web. If clicking on a link will jump you to a location beyond the domain of this Web site and ATSDR, the link is flagged with an "Exit" icon. Again, you can return to the originating page using the browser Back button.