Topic 1.3 Introduction to Oak Estates

Oak Estates: Site Background and History

This online learning program uses Oak Estates as an example throughout each section to help explain the concepts involved in the public health assessment process. Oak Estates is not an actual site, but is typical of many communities with health concerns related to hazardous waste. Oak Estates is used as an example throughout the online program.

Fact 1:
Oak Estates is a community of modular homes on a 30-acre property next to the Pacific Ocean. Some of the homes are on a portion of the property that was once used as a landfill.

Fact 2:
The entire property was once part of a U. S. Navy base.

Fact 3:
Oak Estates was developed in 1962 as a retirement community. It now has 170 residents; most of the residents are 60 or older.

Fact 4:
Oak Estates has no common grounds, such as parks, but the green lawns, shrubs, and flowers around the homes show that residents take care of the areas outside their homes and possibly spend a lot of time gardening.

Fact 5:
The modular homes in Oak Estates have been placed on permanent foundations, and most of the residents do not have the financial means to move elsewhere.

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