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Topic 2.2 Developing Ways to Communicate with Community Members

Issues to Consider

When developing communication methods with community members, it is important to make all information as accessible and understandable as possible. This includes identifying language(s) spoken in the home and accommodating populations with hearing and/or visual impairments. It is also important to know the type(s) of media community members prefer to use to receive information.

To view some additional issues that should be considered when developing communication methods, click on the entries that follow.


Some language issues at a site might be that community members speak a language other than English. Even to those speaking the same language, technical and scientific terms may mean different things. Some expressions or terms used by the community members might be unique to their area and not understood by the health assessor.


The most successful communication methods are based on understanding the background and culture of people in the community.


Community members and the public health assessment team must develop trust in each other through open communication and respect for each other.