Topic 2.2 Developing Ways to Communicate with Community members


Communication methods should be developed with two-way interactions in mind. To do this, the health assessor, as the public health assessment team leader, should ask community members how they prefer to provide and receive information. The health assessor should be sure that the methods used to communicate are available to everyone who wants to participate. For instance, Web sites should only be used if everyone in the community who is interested in the site has access to a computer and to the Web site.

Information might be presented using written materials, audio and video presentations, and personal interactions.

Written materials
Written materials might include fliers, fact sheets, newsletters, and reports such as health consultations and public health assessment documents. These materials can be produced any time during the public health assessment process.

Audio and visual
Audio and visual aids useful in communicating ideas and messages might include radio and television announcements, poster displays, videos about the site, and photographs of areas of concern.

Personal interaction
Personal interaction activities include telephone calls (with individuals or groups), work group interactions, one-on-one meetings, and public meetings.

Page last reviewed: October 26, 2015