Topic 2.2 Developing Ways to Communicate with Community Members

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Some community members have just learned that hazardous chemicals have been found in well water from private wells in the area. The state environmental agency collected well water samples and has the results of the analyses of the samples. The health assessor has information about the chemicals that were found. Some community members know that some of the wells containing chemicals are not in use at this time.

After the public health assessment team gathers this information and organizes it, what communication methods would be effective in providing the information to people in the community?

Fact sheets, one-on-one meetings with community members, and letters to individuals in the community would be effective ways of communicating the information. Posting the information on ATSDR’s Web site and putting a notice in the post office would be less effective in reaching all the members of the community.

Page last reviewed: October 26, 2015