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Step 1.2 Gathering Health Concerns and Other Information

Quadrant Mapping

Quadrant mapping is one method for gathering and organizing data during a site visit. By using this or other methods consistently, health assessors will become efficient and thorough in gathering information that is needed about a site.

To view the steps for using a quadrant mapping system, click on each of the numbered steps below. To view a completed quadrant mapping sheet, click on the Quadrant Mapping Example link.

Step 1

Divide the site into four quarters

Step 2

For each quadrant, sketch important features(for example, source areas, streams, and wells).

Step 3

For each quadrant, complete table noting site characteristics that can impact exposures ( for example, site access and vegetative cover).

Step 4

After the site visit, review information to help identify exposure pathways.

Quadrant Mapping Example

quadrant mapping example

reference icon Blank quadrant mapping sheet [PDF – 31 KB].