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What Are Health Outcome Data?

Types of Data

National, state, and local health agencies often collect and maintain statistical data on diseases (health outcomes) or on the health status of a defined group of people. For instance, records about births and deaths are usually found at local or state agencies. Many states maintain data on birth defects and on cancer. Some information is also available from national health agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

From the list below, select six likely types of health information that might be available for a community. Then click on the View Correct Selections link below to check your answers.

  • Birth certificates
  • Preschool enrollment rosters
  • Birth defects registries
  • Fetal death reports
  • View Correct Selections
  • Marriage license applications
  • Death certificates
  • Disease registries
  • Cancer registries


View Correct Selections

View Correct Selections

The selections checked contain health information.

	checkmark Birth certificates

	X Preschool enrollment rosters

	checkmark Birth defects registries

	checkmark Fetal death reports

	X Marriage license applications
	checkmark Death certificates

	checkmark Disease registries

	checkmark Cancer registries

Incorrect choices:

Preschool enrollment rosters
These primarily provide names of children enrolled for the upcoming school year. The rosters might include immunization or some other health-related information, but probably nothing that would address health status. Also, such information is kept confidential and thus would be generally unavailable.

Marriage license applications
These provide only information on possible name changes or information on sexually transmitted diseases, but nothing on general health status.

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