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Topic 1. Conclusions

  • Examples of Conclusion Categories

A site might be assigned category 4 (exposure, no harm expected) if a hazardous chemical has been detected in soil on the site and in neighboring yards at levels too low to cause harm.

A site might be classified category 2 (long-term exposure, chronic hazard) if hazardous chemicals are present in surface soil on the site at levels that could harm children exposed over an extended period of time.

A category 3 (lack of data or information) might be applied to a site if hazardous chemicals are present in groundwater at the site, and community members expressed concern about their well water, but no private well water samples have been collected.

A category 1 (short-term exposure, acute hazard) might be assigned to a site if methane gas from a landfill is moving into homes nearby, and the gas in the homes is at levels that could result in explosions.

A category 5 (no exposure, no harm expected) might be appropriate if low levels of hazardous chemicals have been found in the groundwater, but the groundwater has never been used nor will be used by people in the community.

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