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Module One - Presentation Outline

  1. Introduction to Toxicology

    1. What is Toxicology?
    2. The Field of Toxicology
    3. Sub-Disciplines of Toxicology
  2. Classification of Toxic Agents

    1. Heavy Metals
    2. Solvents and Vapors
    3. Radiation and Radioactive Materials
    4. Dioxin/Furans
    5. Pesticides
    6. Plant Toxins
    7. Animal Toxins
    8. Subcategories of Toxic Substances
    9. General Classifications of Interest to Communities
  3. Toxicological Information Sources

    1. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
    2. The United States Environmental Protection Agency
    3. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    4. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    5. The Food and Drug Administration
    6. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
    7. Electronic Databases
  4. Contact Information

  5. Test Your Knowledge Quiz

  6. Activity Lab

  7. Question and Answer Period