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Module Two - Activity Lab

Word Scramble

(1) ikns

(2) nnttiesei

(3) osen

(4) yee

(5) thmuo

(6) tanbmei

(7) psegocamrha

(8) etnomvrnien

(9) bgcioaloil

(10) saeguos

(11) lsio

(12) ira

(13) eawrt

(14) odfo

(15) rdmeis

(16) haaitnoiln

(17) treuo

(18) damie

(19) wgorruentda

(20) Cfnooidah

Quick Matching

Match the routes of exposure with the correct way for the hazard to enter the body.

A. Absorption
B. Ingestion
C. Inhalation

___ Skin
___ Mouth
___ Eye
___ Intestine
___ Nose

Group Activity


Have participants break into small groups. Using information about their community, identify contaminants, possible route(s) of exposure, and define the exposure pathway, identifying the five needed for a completed exposure pathway.