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Getting Involved

Standing crowd of people

Members of communities affected by environmental odors do not have to feel helpless because of the odors; you can take action to improve the situation.

First, you may find it helpful to choose leaders that can represent your community and listen and speak on your behalf. In representing your community, these leaders may have several options for trying to resolve odor issues.

Your community leaders can request meetings with city government representatives, such as members of the city council or the mayor or the county board of health. Such a meeting may offer the opportunity to share the community’s concerns, including talking with them about odors in your area and about people’s symptoms, and the results of an odor diary. Your leaders can ask for their support in coming up with solutions, and you can share with them some of the solutions we talk about on this website.

Your community leaders can also meet with leaders from the facility(s) emitting the odors. You may find it helpful to approach them as partners and invite them to help resolve the odor issues.

Presentation: Get Involved - Reduce Environmental Odors in your Community [PDF - 971 KB]

This presentation discusses odor sources, symptoms related to odor exposure, odor diaries, odor controls, and other related issues.

Odor Diaries

Odor Diaries

Odor diaries help document important information related to environmental odors. Odor diaries are easy to use and can produce useful information in as little as 2 weeks.