Who We Are: John T.

Headshot of John T., Health Assessor

ATSDR Role: Health Assessor

Years of Service: 4

“I feel a sense of pride when colleagues and the community turn to me to help them solve a problem or find a solution to site issues.”

— John T. , Health Assessor

Whether responding to a public health event that requires an emergency response or following up on a health issue affecting a small community, John knows that ATSDR is making a difference. He feels a sense of pride when an entire community or agency like the EPA implements one of his evidence-based public health recommendations. He also enjoys helping colleagues troubleshoot problems and find solutions to site issues.

In his role as a health assessor with ATSDR, John conducts public health assessments and consultations at National Priorities List (NPL) sites and the surrounding community. These sites are the hazardous waste sites that have been designated for EPA cleanup. John works with regional staff and local representatives to identify any harmful health effects related to exposures to natural or man-made substances found at the sites.

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Page last reviewed: December 8, 2020