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Spread the word that your school is mercury-free.

Post a Web badge to your school’s website to show your support for the Don’t Mess With Mercury campaign. Just copy the HTML code and paste it into your website’s HTML.
We're committed to keeping our school mercury-free.
At our school we don't mess with mercury.

You can also post to social media networks to spread the word about the Don’t Mess With Mercury campaign. This is a great way to show your support and let everyone know that you have committed to keep your school safe.

If your school has a Facebook page, you can post:

  • We’re committed to keeping students and staff at our school safe. Learn more at DontMessWithMercury.
  • Our school has decided not to mess with mercury! Learn more about the campaign at DontMessWithMercury— and start making your school a safer place today!
  • Did you know that there is still mercury in many schools today? Join us and encourage other schools to go mercury-free today! Learn how schools can keep students safe at DontMessWithMercury.

If your school has a Twitter account you can tweet about the campaign. Try posting:

  • Calling all students! Learn how you can help keep our school safe from #mercury at DontMessWithMercury.
  • #Mercury is dangerous and it doesn’t belong in our schools. Learn how to keep your school safe at DontMessWithMercury.

You can use the PINTEREST icon below to share the Don’t Mess with Mercury pages.

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Page last reviewed: July 1, 2015