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Taking an Exposure History
This form helps health care professionals capture and evaluate the exposure history of a patient.

Quick Guides

Asbestos-Related Disease: An Overview for Clinicians Print Version Cdc-pdf[PDF – 171 KB]
This brief overview describes the primary adverse effects of asbestos exposure, clinician guidelines for assessing patient risk for asbestos-related disease, and clinical evaluation techniques and strategies for providing advice to patients.

Clinical Screening Guidelines for Asbestos-Related Lung Disease
These guidelines list the steps to take in screening for asbestos-related lung disease. Key components include a medical history interview, a comprehensive physical examination, a postero-anterior chest radiograph, and a simple pulmonary function test.

ToxFAQs™ for Asbestos Print Version Cdc-pdf[PDF – 116 KB]
This abbreviated version of the Toxicological Profile for Asbestos [PDF, see under In-Depth References] answers questions about the toxicological characteristics and health effects of asbestos.

Environmental Exposure History — “I Prepare” — Pocket Guide
The “I Prepare” pocket guide is a reference card to use when conducting an exposure history.

In-Depth References

Case Studies in Environmental Medicine: Taking an Exposure History
This case study increases the health care professional’s knowledge of hazardous substances in the environment. It also provides information for evaluating persons who may have been exposed to hazardous substances.

Toxicological Profile for Asbestos Print Version Cdc-pdf[PDF – 3.97 MB]
This profile gives detailed information on the toxicological characteristics and health effects of asbestos.

Patient Handouts

Living with Asbestos-Related Illness
The booklet is a self-care guide for persons living with asbestos-related illness. Topics covered in the guide include characteristics of asbestos, asbestos-related illness, the respiratory system, treatment methods, preventive care, traveling tips, pulmonary rehabilitation, and relaxation and breathing techniques.

  • En Español – Viviendo con Enfermedades Relacionadas con el Asbesto
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