Asarco Hayden Exposure Investigation

In Hayden and Winkelman, Arizona, there are high levels of lead and arsenic in the air, mine waste piles, and soil in some non-residential locations.

  • The air has lead and arsenic in it from smelting processes.
  • Some non-residential soil has lead and arsenic that has settled out of the air onto the soil over time. Some lead and arsenic may have come from other sources as well. EPA and Asarco have cleaned up lead and arsenic in soil in residential and public areas in the towns.
  • Mine waste piles are located in and around the towns and are accessible to people in the area.

ATSDR and its partners conducted an exposure investigation. People in the community may have come into contact with lead and arsenic in the air and soil.


Asarco Hayden Exposure Investigation
A playground next to the Asarco Hayden Plant in Hayden, AZ.

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Page last reviewed: January 17, 2020