Jasper and Newton County Missouri – Lead Exposure Investigation

A smiling child. The child’s hands are covering her mouth and there is dirt and mud on her face.

ATSDR, federal, state, and local partners are conducting a lead exposure investigation at the Oronogo-Duenweg Mining Belt and Newton County Mine Tailings Superfund Sites in Missouri’s Jasper and Newton Counties. The sites are contaminated with lead from historic mining, milling, and smelting. Knowing your or your child’s blood lead level can tell you if steps are needed to protect your or your child’s health.

  • ATSDR will provide free blood testing for lead for 225 children under the age of six and 75 pregnant women or women of childbearing age, 15-44 years old.
  • Eligible participants will receive a $20 gift card as a token of appreciation.
  • We will collect blood during two events: one in Jasper County and one in Newton County.
  • EPA and MDHSS will provide free testing of the dirt in your yard and paint, dust, and water inside of your home.
Page last reviewed: August 8, 2022