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Spring Valley in Washington DC

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During World War I, the U.S. Army conducted chemical warfare research at the site of the present Spring Valley neighborhood in Washington, DC. Chemical weapons were detonated in several areas during research and training operations. Chemical agents, including hazardous substances, ordnance, and explosive waste, were buried in parts of the area, which has since been developed. It is now occupied by residential homes and the American University campus.

Spring Valley is also known as American University and American University Experiment Station.


New! Public Health Evaluation for 4825 Glenbrook Road – August 26, 2016
In this evaluation, ATSDR evaluated past exposure scenarios for two groups: construction and other workers who developed the property (1992-1993) and the family who lived at the residence (1994-1999). ATSDR evaluated these exposure scenarios to determine if workers or residents could have health effects from any past exposures.