Step 1.5 Using Comparison Values

ATSDR Values

ATSDR’s comparison values are based on

  • Chemical-specific toxicologic information derived from human and animal studies.
  • The conservative assumption that a person will come in contact with the chemical every day throughout the exposure period.

Some available comparison values are


  • EMEG (environmental media evaluation guide)
  • CREG (cancer risk evaluation guide)
  • RMEG (reference dose media evaluation guide)


  • EPA maximum contaminant level
  • Health Advisories for Drinking Water
  • EPA Region III Risk-Based Concentration Tables
  • EPA soil screening levels
  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards


  • Food and Drug Administration advisories
  • state and local standards

Calculating an EMEG for Aroclor 1254 in soil for an adult

formula for calculating and emeg

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