The former training course “Public Health Assessment and the Community” has been updated with a new web-based training, including modules that are accredited for continued education. Click on this link to be transferred to the new training.

Public Health Assessment Overview 2 – Exposure Pathways and Toxicologic Evaluation” is the second of a series of 3 online learning courses for public health professionals and trainees. The courses provide a detailed summary of the public health assessment process. This is the process the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) uses to evaluate whether people could be harmed by hazardous materials.

The current course, “Public Health Assessment Overview 2-Exposure Pathways and Toxicologic Evaluation” explains how health assessors conduct an exposure pathways analysis to find out how, when, and where people are coming in contact with chemicals. Toxicologic evaluation involves estimating the amount of the chemical that enters the body and considering additional data about health effects associated with the chemical.

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ATSDR Mission

The mission of ATSDR is to serve the public through responsive public health actions, to promote healthy and safe environments, and prevent harmful exposures.

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