Computational Toxicology and Methods Development Lab (CompTox Lab)

ComTox Lab Computer

The work in ATSDR’s Computational Toxicology and Methods Development Lab (CompTox Lab) is centered on using computer models to help find the best ways to evaluate and reduce the hazards from toxic chemicals. In particular, computer modeling aids in assessing data poor chemicals to estimate toxicities associated with chemicals that have not been previously characterized.

CompTox Lab responsibilities include:

  • Aiding evaluations of exposures to hazardous chemicals in communities;
  • Providing estimates of toxicity from exposure to chemicals in the environment; and
  • Contributing advice and support to help reduce the impacts of exposures to chemicals.

The scientists in the CompTox Lab support basic and applied research projects in collaboration with NCEH, EPA, FDA, and academic institutions. Collectively, these projects contribute to a goal of developing and applying model estimates and expertise that aid assessments and help reduce the effects of toxic chemicals found in communities. Examples of this work include development and use of models to evaluate volatile organic chemicals, metals, and persistent contaminants. Of note are advancements made in simulating environmental exposures with realistic time-variant and multi-route exposure scenarios.

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