Papelera Puertorriqueña, Inc.

Papelera Puertorriqueña, Inc. (PPI) is a paper and plastic bag manufacturer in Utuado, Puerto Rico. The PPI factory is on a steep embankment within 40 feet of the Vivi River. PPI has been at this location since 1965. It makes bags for coffee, bakery products, rice, and supermarkets. It also makes cardboard containers such as pizza boxes. PPI also stores and distributes other paper-based products such as greeting cards and gift wraps. PPI uses inks and solvents in its manufacturing process.

A college with more than 500 students and the offices of the Puerto Rico Department of Labor occupy one wing of PPI’s building.

Papelera Puertorriqueña,  Inc. (PPI) Site

Reports and Fact Sheets

The following reports and fact sheets are to inform and educate the Papelera Puertorriqueña community on the contaminants associated with the site.

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Fact Sheets

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